Individuals and entities (companies, partnerships, or trusts) seeking advice on the US taxation of international business activities and foreign accounts and assets, often choose international tax accountants or international tax CPAs, figuring that their needs are limited to filing tax and informational forms with the IRS, and reasoning that any accountant or CPA can handle these needs.

For those individuals seeking international tax compliance assistance, international tax attorney Andrew L. Jones offers in-house international tax accounting services through international tax CPAs and international tax consultants who limit their practice to the US taxation and reporting of foreign accounts, assets, and business operations.

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Why consider us for your international tax accounting needs versus an international tax CPA or international tax accounting firm?

The short answer: unlike CPAs and accountants, we provide attorney-client confidentiality and a multi-disciplinary skill set.

Attorney-Client Confidentiality

Only an attorney offers attorney-client confidentiality on your international tax matter.  By contrast, the confidentiality between accountant and client is weak, and will be literally non-existent just when it is most-needed: in the case of exposure or actual criminal charges.  Understandably, you may not believe that your plans (or prior actions) could be exposed to criminal tax charges – but you can’t be sure you aren’t exposed unless you work with an international tax attorney.

Here’s how to assure your concerns and needs the maximum degree of legal confidentiality.  As a first step, you (the client) would consult with or hire an international tax attorney.  As the second step, that international tax attorney would then hire (either at arm’s length under a Kovel letter, or through direct assignment of in-house/staff international tax accountants or international tax consultants). 

If, by comparison, you consult with or hire an international tax CPA, and only later (or never do) engage an international tax attorney, everything stated to that CPA is unprotected by the attorney-client privilege, and only “protected” by the weaker accountant-client privilege, which as explained, is non-existent in the criminal context.  In short, hiring a CPA exposes everything you say or do prior to the involvement of any attorney, to discovery by the US tax authorities.  It’s simply not worth the risk.

Multi-Disciplinary Skill Set

An international tax attorney understands your international tax needs in multiple dimensions. We understand that your needs are more than a series of IRS forms to be filed – and unfortunately, this form-focused mentality characterizes most, if not all, accountancy firms and practices.

By contrast, an international tax lawyer with accounting staff can advise on choices (of business forms or investments), the benefits and detriments to each choice, and is best equipped to assess the client’s goals and risk tolerance, and ultimately assist the client in making the decision of what to do, how to do it, and sometimes even whether to do it at all.

In summary, an international tax accountant, without the direct involvement (typically leadership) of an international tax attorney, might be able to prepare the various international information returns and report (for tax return purposes) your foreign investments.  But that’s all you’ll get.

Hiring an international tax attorney (directing, in turn, the work of international tax accountants and consultants) will avoid the exclusively form-focused myopia of the career accountant. Finally, and most importantly, only an international tax lawyer can provide maximum confidentiality under the attorney-client privilege.

Since international tax attorney Andrew L. Jones also offers in-house international tax accounting services, including the services of international tax CPAs and international tax consultants, there is no need to compromise and hire a CPA directly.

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