International tax attorney Andrew L. Jones and his international tax accountant staff can be your guide to the blizzard of international tax acronyms that apply to investing and doing business across international borders, including FATCA, FBAR, FIRPTA, FDAP, Subpart-F, and many more. Whether you are a foreign or domestic company doing business across international borders, or are a US person with foreign assets concerned about FATCA or FBAR, international tax lawyer Andrew L. Jones can be your guide to any or all of the following considerations:

  • Personal US tax and informational compliance for foreign bank accounts and foreign assets, including Form 3520, Form 3520-A, Form 5471, Form 8621, Form 8865, Form 8938, and the Foreign Bank Account Report (FinCEN Form 114)
  • Inbound tax planning and compliance (meaning the U.S. taxation of non-US person and non-US entity investments in America)
  • Outbound tax planning and compliance (U.S. taxation of American investments in foreign countries)

With proper tax planning, businesses and individuals can minimize the US tax and US reporting obligations arising from their inbound and outbound investments – but without sacrificing the necessary flexibility to meet business and personal investment goals.

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International Tax Attorney Assistance with International Tax Planning

International tax lawyer Andrew L. Jones addresses corporate and individual clients’ international tax planning matters from the dual perspectives of tax law and business law.

Working with an international tax attorney whose knowledge spans both fields ensures that you (personally) or your business entity (corporation, partnership or trust) avoids the unwelcome surprise of a great business opportunity wrecked by adverse tax consequences – or a tax-optimized deal that doesn’t meet business realities.

Our holistic approach to corporate tax practice provides clients tailored advice and compliance on both day-to-day operations and mergers and acquisitions.

International Tax Lawyer Assistance with International Tax Controversy

International tax controversies are any disputed matter relating to US tax or reporting obligations about foreign assets or activities, where the dispute is between a taxpayer (individual or business entity) and a tax authority.

Tax attorney Andrew L. Jones can represent you in any tax dispute against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), against California tax authorities including the Franchise Tax Board, State Board of Equalization, Employment Development Department or against any California county and city tax authorities.

Whether you’ve received a Notice of Deficiency, a Notice of Determination, are facing an audit, or have received a state or federal tax assessment or even been subjected to a tax levy or tax lien, tax attorney Andrew L. Jones is ready to assist you in minimizing or eliminating the financial threat.

Andrew L. Jones can represent you in audits and administrative appeals with all federal and California tax authorities. And, if all other remedies have been exhausted, he can represent you in international tax litigation against federal tax authorities in the United States Tax Court, the appropriate federal District Court or the Court of Federal Claims, and represent you against the California state tax authorities in the appropriate California Superior Court.