Business Formation and Regulatory Registrations

Andrew’s practice, at the intersection of tax and business, is well-positioned to offer prompt, tailored advice to business clients at all levels of sophistication. If you are a company founder who has already chosen an entity form and knows when, how and where to register to do business, Andrew can ensure that your choices conform to ever-evolving business, tax and regulatory rules.
For founders with little more than a business idea or a dream, attorney Andrew L. Jones can offer a broader package of services that both educate and empower the new business and the people who run it.

Andrew’s services include:

– Entity choice tailored to current and future business needs
– Formation services (corporation, LLC, LP, or others)
– Assistance with governance, including selection and operation of governing boards (for corporations), operating agreements (for LLCs) and partnership agreements (for general or limited partnerships). To ensure your business’ continued legal compliance, we offer both initial education sessions and ongoing advisory on governance and business management.
– An experienced guide to navigate the large and complex web of regulatory registrations necessary to do business in a given state. In heavily regulated states like California, deciding to “do business” can trigger the obligation to register and begin reporting to a half-dozen (and often more!) state and local agencies on matters as diverse as payroll and liability insurance. Minor missteps are magnified by revenue-hungry states, and can take significant time and money to resolve. Attorney Andrew L. Jones can assist companies at establishing and maintaining a record of strong compliance. For those previously-unrepresented companies who have drawn unwanted scrutiny, Andrew can assist in containing and then resolving their regulatory compliance issues.

Business Formation – Representative Client Matters

Corporate and LLC formations for multiple business clients. Many clients established as independent companies, others as subsidiaries of foreign corporations.

Regulatory registrations for each formed company, including:
– Registration with relevant secretaries of state to receive authorization to do business as a domestic or foreign corporation,
– Federal and state income tax withholding account creation and compliance,
– Federal (FUTA) and state unemployment tax account creation and compliance, and,
– Workers compensation insurance account choice and registration.