Business and tax attorney Andrew L. Jones can represent your corporation, LLC, or partnership in a purchase, sale, or merger, or guide your business in planning and executing a transaction involving stock, entity interests or assets. Whether you need an advisor to address only the tax and business law aspects of the plan, or a practitioner to plan and carry out the entire deal, attorney Andrew L. Jones is ready to deploy his expertise to ensure that your business gets maximum value as buyer, seller or party to a merger.

Mergers and Acquisitions – Representative Client Matters

Australian energy client requiring multi-step corporate roll-up. Completed corporate reorganization by collapsing a three-level US-side entity structure (General LLC and Limited LLC serving as partners to an LP, each LLC held by a US-side subsidiary) through statutory merger. Prepared and, as necessary, filed plans of reorganization, certificates of merger, and reciprocating board and shareholder consents.

Australian energy client. Planned second stage of reorganization above: Australian parent would contribute stock of brother-sister US subsidiaries (numbers 1 through 7) to 8th (sister) US subsidiary, and then 8th entity would drop assets into tertiary level sibling subsidiary, joining old sister subsidiaries 1-7. Subsidiary 8 would now be a true US-side parent holding company with 8 subsidiary entities below (7 pre-existing, one new).

US subsidiary of multinational IT outsourcing provider. Share redemption agreement with Board of Directors resolution approving.

US subsidiary of foreign client. Share purchase agreement, Board of Directors resolution approving, and tender offer to shareholders.