State and local taxes are an administrative and financial challenge to companies operating in (or planning expansion to) multiple states.

Business Expansion

Plans for business expansion to a new state should be guided by an advisor whose experience spans the regulatory field and tax fields. Attorney Andrew L. Jones has helped numerous companies navigate this expansion process in minimal time and minimal cost. The result is business expansion on time and on budget, allowing your company to focus on business, not paperwork.

State and Local Tax Compliance

With the expertise and strategic planning of tax attorney Andrew L. Jones, you can be confident that your business is in full compliance, and paying no more state and local tax than necessary.

State and Local Tax  – Representative Client Matters

Australian technology manufacturer with nine-state operation. Provided fully-outsourced compliance and controller functions, interfacing daily with in-house personnel and service providers. Carried out multi-state resolution of prior noncompliance on employment tax obligations, eliminating executive’s and entity’s exposure to tax, penalties and interest. Delivered executive advisories on state and local tax topics including nexus analysis and costs/regulatory requirements for expanding into additional states vs. expanding in current states of operation.

US subsidiary of German medical supply manufacturer. Guided client through multiple regulatory steps to do business in a new state.

Delaware franchise tax for over 30 clients.

San Francisco payroll tax registration and compliance for multiple clients.

US subsidiary of English affiliate marketing firm. Aided executive decision-making by generating thorough business guide outlining all necessary registrations to do business in New York City. Also created contingency plan for California client’s dissolution and reformation in Nevada if California expanded its nexus standard in order to impose the so-called ‘Amazon tax’).